loadImage(urlOrResource, allowCrossOrigin, request)Promise.<Image>|undefined

Asynchronously loads the given image URL. Returns a promise that will resolve to an Image once loaded, or reject if the image failed to load.
Name Type Default Description
urlOrResource Resource | String The source URL of the image.
allowCrossOrigin Boolean true optional Whether to request the image using Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). CORS is only actually used if the image URL is actually cross-origin. Data URIs are never requested using CORS.
request Request optional The request object. Intended for internal use only.
a promise that will resolve to the requested data when loaded. Returns undefined if request.throttle is true and the request does not have high enough priority.
Deprecated: true
// load a single image asynchronously
Cesium.loadImage('some/image/url.png').then(function(image) {
    // use the loaded image
}).otherwise(function(error) {
    // an error occurred

// load several images in parallel
when.all([loadImage('image1.png'), loadImage('image2.png')]).then(function(images) {
    // images is an array containing all the loaded images