new Cesium.KmlTourFlyTo(duration, flyToMode, view)

Name Type Description
duration Number entry duration
flyToMode String KML fly to mode: bounce, smooth, etc
view KmlCamera | KmlLookAt KmlCamera or KmlLookAt



Returns options for Camera#flyTo or Camera#flyToBoundingSphere depends on this.view type.
Name Type Description
cameraOptions Object options to merge with generated. See Camera#flyTo

play(done, camera, cameraOptions)

Play this playlist entry
Name Type Description
done KmlTourFlyTo~DoneCallback function which will be called when playback ends
camera Camera Cesium camera
cameraOptions Object optional which will be merged with camera flyTo options. See Camera#flyTo
Stop execution of curent entry. Cancel camera flyTo

Type Definitions


A function that will be executed when the flight completes.
Name Type Description
terminated Boolean true if KmlTourFlyTo#stop was called before entry done playback.